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Created on 2010-01-01 12:39:15 (#468841), last updated 2014-12-23 (147 weeks ago)

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Name:The creativities of Purpleyin
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Community description:Fannish journal of purpleyin

What is this?

Welcome to the fannish journal of [profile] missyvortexdv/[personal profile] purpleyin. Here be all my fic creativities: fic, vids, mixes, icons and other graphics. If you enjoy anything here then I recommend watching/tracking the community for updates. This is a mirror of my livejournal community - see

Overall masterlist
Likes Links

- scif and fantasy
- interesting and developed female characters
- stories that make good use of side characters
- science or cultural details in stories
- philosophical and spiritual thoughtfulness
- angst, hurt/comfort, tragedy, alternate timeline/universes and end of the world fiction
- morally ambigious or complicated characters
- ticky boxes, bubblewrap and cupcakes ;D
Comms/websites I run + links to my stuff:
-The ARC for Primeval fic/recs/meta
-[profile] bb_and_ww multifandom prompt-a-thon for characters that are ambigious, dis/unliked or considereded alien, monstrous etc forums and fic archive for Stargate Atlantis pairing McKay/Weir
-[profile] mwexplosion pairing as above, LJ challenge comm for them
-[profile] diana_marco for The 4400 pairing Diana/Marco

-my tumblr
-me on ArchiveOfOurOwn
-me on
-me on
-me on del.ici.ous

Sticky notes for this journal:
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